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Your Temporary Recruitment Team

When you want to build a strong team

When you have few resources, but you need a lot of highly qualified new team members,

it’s time to rent a recruiter.

Seuss Recruiting will lend you your own dedicated recruiter specialized in your field who will work on site with your HR team to locate, attract and hire clinical research professionals with the specific skill sets and personalities your team needs.

Your in-house recruiter will dig into your company’s culture, getting to know your needs often even better than you know them yourself. As a newly minted expert on your policies and background, your recruiter will mine our vast network for the perfect fit for each position.


Your in-house recruiter is there when, and only when, you need them: once you’ve got your team, put your rental agreement on pause until the next time you need new people!


The flexible recruiter rental agreements are designed to help you ramp up staff as and when needed, especially useful for the start-and-stop projects typical to the clinical trial process.


We forge an ongoing relationship with your company, meaning you have a devoted professional who knows your business on standby you need them.


Our clients find that recruitment costs are drastically lower, without sacrificing the quality of candidates reached. We look forward to telling you how!

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